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Returning LiPo BatteriesUpdated 10 months ago

LiPo batteries can only be returned to Pulse Battery when approved by our staff. Damaged and / or faulty LiPo batteries should never be returned due to the possible risk of a LiPo fire.

If you have a damaged or faulty LiPo battery that needs warranty support, please contact our staff for support, and do not ship the battery back to our facility unless directed otherwise.

Approved returns for LiPo batteries should be carefully packaged to ensure safe transit of the battery while being returned to our facility. If the battery has bare power leads with no pre-soldered connector, be absolutely sure that the factory lead covers are in place to prevent a battery short.

All approved LiPo battery returns should be shipped in a rigid box to prevent the battery from being crushed or punctured. Do not return any LiPo battery in a padded envelope due to the inherent risk of the battery being crushed or punctured, which can cause a LiPo fire.

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