If you are using Pulse Battery LiPo batteries, nearly all Pulse batteries (exclusions listed below) utilize a "5C" charge rate, allowing rapid charge times when it comes to charging Pulse LiPo batteries.

To determine how much amperage your Pulse battery can be charged at, follow the below formula:

#1: Divide the mAh by 1,000

#2: Multiple the divided mAh by "5" in reference to the 5C charge rate


Pulse PLU45-22503 / 3S 11.1V 45C 2250mAh LiPo

Divide 2250mAh by 1,000 (2250 divided by 1,000 = 2.25)

Multiply 2.25 by 5 (2.25 x 5 = 11.25)

Total maximum charge rate for the PLU45-22503 battery is 11.25 amps

Never exceed the noted charge rating of any LiPo battery. Doing so can result in battery damage, and can also result in a LiPo battery fire. Always check the battery before charging to determine proper charge rates in relation to the C rating for charging.

Non 5C Charge Rate Pulse Batteries

The below Pulse batteries are not rated for a 5C charge rate and must be charged at the noted 1C rating.

- Pulse Receiver Batteries

- Pulse Transmitter Batteries

- Pulse Defender Battery

- Select 1S 3.7V Batteries