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Safely Storing LiPo Batteries

Due to the inherent risk of LiPo battery fires, safely storing any LiPo battery is paramount. LiPo battery fires are rare, but the safe storage of any LiPo battery must be adhered to by the end user to protect against the possibility of LiPo fires.

What Is A Storage Charge?

If you plan on storing your LiPo battery for any period of time, it is highly recommended to make sure your battery is set at a storage charge, equating to 3.7V - 3.85V per cell. A storage charge of 3.7V - 3.85V per cell allows the battery to be sto

Safe LiPo Battery Charging Rules

- Before charging, be sure to fully read and understand the information pertaining to the LiPo battery charger in use. All charger safety guidelines must be followed when using Pulse Ultra batteries. - Always use a dedicated LiPo based charger that

How To Determine Amperage Charge Rates

If you are using Pulse Battery LiPo batteries, nearly all Pulse batteries (exclusions listed below) utilize a "5C" charge rate, allowing rapid charge times when it comes to charging Pulse LiPo batteries. To determine how much amperage your Pulse bat

Discharging & Disposing of LiPo Batteries

If you have an old or damaged LiPo battery that needs to be disposed of, it's imperative that the battery be fully discharged before the battery is disposed of. Throwing the battery away without discharging the battery can result in fire (especially