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I supply BEC power (including 2s battery function) and plug it into the receiver, why the servo is weak?Updated 2 years ago

The H1 flight controller is internally stabilized and then sends power to the receiver. That is to say, if the power supply cannot be poured into the flight controller from the receiver, it will cause the flight controller to burn, which is explained on page 9 of the manual. Power supply can only be fed in from the ESC interface of the flight controller. If your ESC does not have a BEC, and the ESC socket on the flight control end is occupied by the throttle signal cable, then you need to use a servo Y cable, plug one end into the 2s power supply, and plug the other end into the throttle signal cable, and then combine them. For one, send it to the flight controller (this means that you pretend that your ESC has b e c).

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