Due to the inherent risk of LiPo battery fires, safely storing any LiPo battery is paramount. LiPo battery fires are rare, but the safe storage of any LiPo battery must be adhered to by the end user to protect against the possibility of LiPo fires.

Never store a LiPo battery inside a home, garage or car. Always store LiPo batteries in a safe location free of any combustible materials.

Always store LiPo batteries in a LiPo safe storage device, such as a LiPo battery safe, LiPo safe bag, or a container that has the ability to safely contain a fire.

Always store LiPo batteries at a proper storage charge of 3.7V - 3.85V. Never store LiPo batteries fully charged, and do not store LiPo batteries low in voltage, as voltage can decline over time.