If you plan on storing your LiPo battery for any period of time, it is highly recommended to make sure your battery is set at a storage charge, equating to 3.7V - 3.85V per cell.

A storage charge of 3.7V - 3.85V per cell allows the battery to be stored for prolonged periods of time without compromising the battery cells while being stored. Storing a LiPo battery at higher voltages (and especially fully charged) can compromise the battery, and is not safe to do. Storing at low voltages can allow the voltage to slowly drop to levels that can compromise the battery, such as below 3.00V per cell.

Any modern day LiPo battery charger will have a "storage mode" that allows the battery to charged or discharged to the safe 3.7V - 3.85V threshold. If the battery in question will not be used for more than (5) days, a storage charge is recommended.