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My Order Is Delayed - What Do I Do?Updated 2 years ago

Domestic Orders

If your order has yet to arrive but still shows active scan updates, your order is likely being delayed due to a carrier related issue, but has not been lost.

We urge our customer to allow a few extra days for a parcel to be delivered if a delay of this nature is seen, as delays of this type are usually rectified via the carrier.

If the delay seems unusual or has been lengthy in time, please contact our customer service team, and we will check and see what options exist to help rectify this matter.

International Orders

If your internationally shipping order has encountered a delay, this type of delay is quite normal for international based orders, so please allow time for delivery to take place.

If the delay becomes excessive, please contact our staff, and we can check into options to help rectify this matter. However, we ask for your patience with delays of this type, as international orders are subject to multiple aspects of delivery delays on a far more frequent basis.

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