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My Order May Be Lost - What Do I Do?Updated a year ago

Lost Orders - Domestic

If you feel that your order(s) have been lost in transit, please contact our customer service department with your order number(s) for direct assistance. Depending upon the carrier, we can initiate a trace for you and determine what may be the problem with your delivery.

In the case of most lost or delayed orders, a simple trace can be filed via the noted carrier. This trace option usually takes a few days to process, and our staff will keep the customer up to speed regarding any updates the carrier has to offer.

Please be aware that even though most traces are resolved within a matter of a few days, HeliDirect cannot be held liable for delays of this nature, as this issue is outside of our control. However, our team will do everything we are able to rectify this matter in due time, so please allow us to process this problem based upon our resources at hand.

Lost Orders - International

For international orders that have encountered a delay, please note our team can process a trace for you based upon the shipping method chosen, with the sole exception of 1st Class International Mail.

Due to the fact that 1st Class International Mail does not use an active tracking number, our team is unable to file a trace via this method, and the customer will be required to wait a total of (60) days before alternate options can be explored via insured parcels only.

If a trace is requested based upon the customers parcel (excluding 1st Class International Mail), our staff will happily file a trace via the carrier and keep the customer up to speed based upon any relevant updates via the carrier.

Due to multiple factors outside of our control, please be aware that a trace can take several weeks to complete, as these processes involve communication between (2) differing countries. We will do the very best we can to resolve matters as rapidly as possible, so please be patient with us as we exhaust all resources to make sure your parcel is recovered.

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