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What's Affirm Payment?Updated 2 years ago

Affirm Information

Affirm is an excellent option to assist customers with larger / higher costs orders via monthly payments that are very affordable. This system is easy to use, incredibly safe, and allows the customer to choose a payment plan that works the very best based upon what is in need.

Regarding any payment related questions with Affirm, approval issues and so forth, please be aware that HeliDirect can only offer basic information about these issues, as the customers privacy is protected via Affirm. The customer may be directed to Affirm for direct support, as our staff at HeliDirect is limited on what options can be offered when using Affirm.

For all Affirm based payment orders, all such orders must be placed online via the HeliDirect website. Due to the verification process and privacy / security measures Affirm employs, our staff at HeliDirect cannot process manual orders using Affirm.

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