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Payment Methods

What Payment Methods Does HeliDirect Accept ?

Payment InformationHeliDirect makes paying for your orders simple, fast and easy! Please see below in relation to all our policies and information when it comes to payment related issues & questions.Payment MethodsWe accept the following payment: - V

What's Affirm Payment?

Affirm InformationAffirm is an excellent option to assist customers with larger / higher costs orders via monthly payments that are very affordable. This system is easy to use, incredibly safe, and allows the customer to choose a payment plan that wo

What's Paypal Credit?

PayPal CreditWith PayPal Credit, any qualified purchase of $99.00 or greater can be made with a 0% interest, (6) month payment plan, allowing the option to make a larger purchase with affordable payments.Relating to PayPal Credit, please note qualifi

Fraud Verification

Fraud Detection SystemsHeliDirect utilizes multiple fraud detection systems to verify all orders we receive. These systems carefully check multiple parameters of every order generated, and depending upon the situation, can require additional time to

Is It Safe to Shop with HeliDirect?

Payment SecurityWhen it comes to shopping with HeliDirect, rest assured that we utilize the latest safety & security technologies available, allowing any order you place with us to be done so via the ultimate in security and safety.HeliDirect utilize