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Do I Need to Inclue My Original Invoice or a Note Regarding My Return?

If you have received an RMA number and have properly written it on the outside of the shipping box, no further information is necessary. However, if you are having a product problem, any further information via a note would be welcome to our tech tea

I Did Not List an RMA Number with My Return

All returns require an RMA number to be properly handled by our returns staff, but if you have initiated an approved return without an RMA that was properly listed, please contact our customer service department with your original order number, and w

Returns Requiring Testing

For any item requiring testing, please allow up to (5) days from receipt of your return, as the testing process via our in house technicians will require the necessary time to problem solve your return. Our goal is to isolate whatever trouble your it

Product Condition of Non Warranty Returns

Items being returned must be brand new without any use. Any kits that have been assembled, items that have been soldered, batteries that have been soldered or charged, or products that have been cut, punctured, modified or otherwise, will not be acce

Shipping Fee Deductions for Non Warranty Returns

If a non warranty item is being returned based upon valid return guidelines (brand new, unused, factory sealed packaging), the original shipping fees paid by HeliDirect (if Free Shipping was used) will be deducted from the overall sum total. If the c

Return Processing Time

Please note that returns can take between (2) to (5) business days to process upon receipt of your return, and all returns are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. As soon as your return is processed, we will email you updates as your re

Faulty / Defective Items

For any item that is faulty or damaged in reference to warranty related issues, please contact our customer service department for help, as every manufacturer differs in terms of how warranty is processed & handled. Please note that certain / select

New & Unused Item Return Policy

New, Unused, Non-Warranty Related Return RequestsHeliDirect offers a (30) day return policy for all new, unused items that are in brand new condition without fault, signs of use, damage or otherwise. Return of said product(s) within a valid (30) day